When it comes to the barndominium – a barn that is converted into a new home – the term has actually been around for the past 25 years after being coined for a special project located at Silhouette Farm in Colebrook, Connecticut.

Current versions of the barndominium have become popular throughout the state in Texas, as multiple builders offer either pole or steel buildings that can be turned into either partial or full living areas.

These types of homes can end up having asking prices upwards of $1 million or more, depending on factors including amenities, space, number of bedrooms, and location.

The barndominium was further made popular by the hit HGTV show Fixer Upper, hosted by local residents Chip and Joanna Gaines.

One specific barndominium the couple worked on was a horse barn that was converted into a five-bedroom home measuring a total of 2,700 square feet. One of the biggest features of that particular project was a long dining room that was situated down the middle of the home itself, as well as a table that seats a total of 16 people.

Currently, the home is listed for sale at $1.2 million.

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