Christmas decorating can be stressful, however we made it easy for you by putting together our top five decorating ideas that are easy to put together and have your home decorated for the holidays.

Mantle Piece

Place a trio of candlesticks and a wreath above your mantle. The wreath will be a center focus of your room and draw attention to the warmth of Christmas. For an unexpected and sophisticated display, keep the pairing minimal.

Card Display

Cards you receive during the Christmas season tend to take up lots of space if you keep them on the fridge or on top of the counter. A clever way to display the holiday cards that come you way is to use clips or clothespins to string them along the staircase. You can create a card banner and display cards from your loved ones. By the end of the year, you can take them down and you can keep all your Christmas cards together. This is a great way to keep them organized and display them at the same time.

Table Trimmings

Forget about spending lots of cash on the fine china, fancy linens, and extravagant centerpiece. Instead, opt for a unique runner that will steal the dinner scene. Having color on your dinner table will create a textured focal point that is warm and welcoming.

Snow Indoors

Dreaming of a White Christmas? Dangle silver and white gift bows down from a window with fishing wire to create the illusion of falling snow. You can replace the gift bows with pom poms or even paper snowflakes that your family can cut out together.

Centerpiece Ideas

Instead of investing in a centerpiece that is only used once a year, take the ornaments you aren’t using this year on the tree and put them in a decorative glass bowl to make a statement that is both colorful and unique. Carry your tree vibes to any room with you!

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