How To Turn A Barn Into A Barndominium. If the idea of building a barndominium has ever excited you, then you definitely aren’t alone, as multiple other people are equally as excited over being able to transform a barn into an ordinary living space. The big question, however, is how exactly do you go about turning a normal barn into a place to live in?

Here’s exactly how it’s done!

Pour Your Foundation

Older barns generally will have dirt floors in them. If this is the case with the barn you want to work with, then you will need to have the building raised a few feet off of the ground, then pouring cement underneath it, which will help to create the foundation.

Reconstruct the Frame

There’s every good chance that the original frame of the barn has become warped throughout the years due to various outdoor elements, as well as age. If so, you will need to replace either most or all of it. If it really comes down to it, take the time to have a brand new frame constructed.

Install a New Roof

A majority of barn conversions require reroofing the entire structure in order to seal off leaks, as well as prevent heat from being able to get out.

Plumbing, HVAC, and Electricity

Next will be to install anything that you may need inside your walls. This includes plumbing, HVAC system, and wiring for electricity. Keep in mind that the barn may not have exactly been climate-controlled in the past when you consider adding a kitchen, bathrooms, and all sorts of electrical outlets.


Chances are great that the barn you’re working with won’t actually have walls that are insulated, meaning that this is something you’ll have to do yourself. Regardless of the type of insulation you decide to use, you will need to carefully place it inside the framing between the exterior and interior walls of the barn.

Interior Finishes

Finally, it will be time to install cabinets, flooring, ceiling, counter tops, and so much more as part of your interior finish work. Thankfully, this is generally considered to be the fun part of the entire process, especially if you already have your theme in mind.

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