You’re a reasonable person. You need a new roof, barn, or barndominium, and you’re considering material choices. You’d like to keep things as environmentally friendly as possible, but you want something durable and energy efficient as well to save costs down the road. We have good news.

Steel is low-cost and 100% recyclable. The question is not, “Should I use recycled steel to lower costs?” The fact is that steel is low-cost (and environmentally friendly) because it’s recycled. There is a reason that steel makes up 100% of the market in metal roofing; it’s low-cost, durable, and versatile. It’s also environmentally friendly in other ways you may not be aware of!

Because of its easy recyclability, there is very little waste left from steel construction or teardown. Materials like concrete can’t be reused, and wood is readily tossed away in disregard of the 20 to 40 years it took the tree that wood came from to mature. Stones are heavy and irregular, and can’t be transported easily. They also may not be the right size/shape for another project for reuse. Steel has no such setbacks, so the supply of steel nearly sustains itself.

There are also natural qualities in steel that are more environmentally friendly than other materials. For example, the high reflectivity of steel saves costs of energy and as a natural quality stays as a natural effect for the life of that building or roof.

Steel also has very little waste or cost for repair and maintenance; all you need to do is wash the steel down every year and keep up with the inspection of the gutter system so it’s clear of debris. Repair is rarely needed since it’s such a durable metal, and it resists natural disaster with its flexibility and durability.

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