Metal buildings Texas – Two new case studies profiling a total of 14 educational campuses and 15 government facilities, all buildings that are metal, have been published by the Metal Building Manufacturers Association. The studies in full are available for free and can also be downloaded from the official MBMA website.

According to MBMA general manager Tony Bouquot, “It’s more important than ever for school districts, colleges and universities, and government agencies to get the high-quality buildings they need without breaking the bank. As these new case studies show, metal buildings are the common denominator in providing great-looking, energy-efficient and cost-effective buildings for these organizations.”

These days, educational buildings feature various needs that they are required to meet, including the following:

*Proper ventilation

*Air circulation

*Plenty of natural light

*Lots of open space

*Flexibility for changing needs

*Future growth

The Educaitonal Campus Facilities case study is designed to look at a total of 14 metal building facilities across multiple stakeholders and uses. The facilities themselves range from the Kelly Family Sports Center at Allendale, Michigan’s Grand Valley State University, which measures 138,000 square feet to the Poplar Hall Agriculture Center for Innovation at Fort Morgan, Colorado’s Morgan Community College, which measures 5,000 square feet.

The overall versatility of metal buildings has also made them popular for government buildings as well, such as the following:

*Aircraft hangars

*Event centers

*Fire stations

*Recycling facilities

The Government Facilities case study is designed to look at a total of 15 different structures that encompasses a range of various uses. For instance, the Plano Recycling Facility and Learning Center, which measures 77,000 square feet helps to serve the overall recycling needs of over 510,000 residents and 2,500 commercial customers in the North Texas area. Additionally, Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach Volunteer Fire Company Station #2 includes two buildings with an engine bay, housing, and office space that totals 19,000 square feet. Other projects that are reviewed in this same case study include an animal control center and public works center, as well as a town hall and government agency testing center.

These two specific reports add to a list of MBMA case studies that include the following:

*Retail & Wholesale

*Distilleries & Breweries

*Vehicle Sales & Service

*Metal Roofing & Solar

Metal buildings Texas – Additionally, there are other types of brochures and fact sheets regarding metal buildings and the metal building industry itself that are available to be downloaded for free via the official MBMA website.

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