Six Useful Tools For Every Do It Yourselfer. Tape Measure

This tool should always be kept handy in order to measure anything and everything, whether it’s a wall for a paint project or the overall thickness of a piece of lumber.


This specific tool, especially one that’s 16 ounces and has a smooth-faced claw contains both versatility and heft when it comes to putting nails into walls. This is great when it comes to projects such as hanging photos, building a birdhouse, or constructing various types of furniture pieces. In terms of the curved claw, this is useful for pulling out nails that have become bent.


These can be used to perform all sorts of tasks, such as replacing old showerheads, straightening bent power cord plugs, and even more.

Duct Tape

This tool is especially useful for more quick fixes that need to be performed around your home, and it can stick to virtually anything and everything. This type of tape can perform such tasks as repairing broken tarps, broken buckets, and so much more.


This type of box is an extremely useful method to store all types of screws, bolt, and drivers. Many of them also contain single metal latches that are able to securely close, as well as removable trays.

Six Useful Tools For Every Do It Yourselfer. Socket Set

Any good socket set that contains a ratcheting handle will speed up the process of putting together anything assembled with bolts and nuts. This includes products such as decks and children’s playsets.