I was given a verbal referral from Sky Dive-Smithville, my neighbors. I made the call and Frank was willing to meet immediately. Frank, Pablo and Sam were all on the job around November 2005. They became family really quick. Love Frank’s sense of humor and laugh. They were polite, considerate, and committed to my project. They built me what I asked for. It was harder for them, but they saved me money on materials and by working so hard they saved me money over all. I love my studio/workshop/carport. Someday it will be converted to an apartment. I hope the Trevino’s are around to finish it to it’s final glory.
Jenny Rose, , Smithville, TX

Stain de Glas

Frank, Paul and their team was a real lifesaver when I inherited an unfinished building project in the church I pastor. They are very professional, a joy and blessing to work with.

Rev. Raul R. Martinez, Jr., Pastor Baytown, TX

Templo Bethel Assembly of God

Frank Trevino, a man of his word from Smithville Texas, came to my rescue in Carriere, MS after Hurricane Katrina. He was recommended by Impact Building, Inc. to build a 60’ X 60’ metal building for me. I was very pleased with the unsurpassed quality. A wonderful bonus from this construction was a building and a friendship that will last a lifetime…all in only seven days. While in this area Frank and his crew from T&T built four more metal buildings. All of these buildings were aircraft hangars with large bi-fold doors. I would be glad to recommend Frank Trevino to anyone who wants a quality-built metal building and I will definitely call Frank for future construction.

Karl Scott

Metal Building after Hurricane Katrina, Carriere, MS

I have been working with Frank Trevino and T and T Construction since my first year with El Paso Corporation. The projects have ranged from demolition in Mississippi to full primary office locations in Dilley and Cotulla TX. I have been able to recognize his honesty and no excuse nature in all types of circumstances; he is a one in a million contractor and a genuinely good person. I would recommend him to anyone. I am hard to please, I can be moody, short, sometimes only seeing the part of the picture I want to see. He has been able to work through the good and the bad. He is strong under any circumstances. Frank is also humble and will go overboard to right a wrong. He will also do this free of charge with no excuses. I have met his brother Pablo a few times, I like him as much as Frank, from the little I have picked up from him. I feel he has the same strengths as his brother Frank. They make a good team

I am pleased with Frank and Pablo and will continue to use them in the future.

Greg McGrath

Sr. Field Construction Coordinator , El Paso Corporation


P.O. Box 182

120 Hannah Road

Smithville, Texas 78957

Phone/ Fax 512-360-4208

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Pablo Cell 512-577-9337