Tobacco Barns

These are primarily seen throughout the south and east and were initially erected four centuries ago to help provide tobacco farmers have a place to hang and dry their harvests. These types of barns are heavily ventilated by multiple vents due to air flow being required to cure the tobacco leaves as they hang.

Prairie Barns

This is one of the most common barns in various American landscapes, as they assisted large herds of livestock with having a vast amount of storage space for both grain and hay. They could also house the livestock itself if they were needed to. This type of barn contains a low roofline and unique arrangements for animal enclosures on either side of a space that’s more open and central.

English Barns

These barns are similar to those constructed in England, as they feature a small, rectangular size and shape, along with a A-framed roof. They were also made from wood and were no more than 30’x40′ in size, as well as being situated on more level ground without a basement, as well as containing vertical boards on the walls that are not painted.

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