Three Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Barn. In the event that your barn requires a bit of sprucing up, consider making just a few small changes, which can make a huge overall difference in productivity. Thankfully, there are some tips that you can make note of, such as the following three:

Take Control of All of the Storage Chaos

This involves utilizing hooks and electrical tape to help you store all sorts of items. Simply place the hooks wherever you like on a wall and use the tape to mark off the length and width of whatever will hang on the hook.

Install Feed Buckets That Can Be Removed

This will help to cut down on pest control, as well as essentially keeping your barn looking much cleaner. Whenever the feed buckets aren’t being used by your animals, simply remove them from their locations and store them somewhere easily accessible.

Install Additional Storage Space

This can include racks, shelves, or anything else that you can think of which may be useful. For instance, consider installing blanket racks to help you store all of your useful spray bottles and wrap veterinary adhesive tape around blankets and saddle pads that don’t always want to stay wrapped up.

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