Three Things To Consider When Designing A Barn. When you take your time in designing a barn, you’ll be able to save both money and time. This makes it important that you have all of your bases completely covered.

Here are three things that you should always consider when it comes to designing a barn:

Find a Suitable Location

This is perhaps the most important step to consider, as you will need to find a suitable location that contains at least the following:

*Natural drainage that is good

*Ground that is level and firm

*Easy access to utilities

*Possibility of future expansion

Stall Sizes

Generally, the recommended size of a stall should be 14’x14′, as well as a 7′ height minimum. While they can be made smaller in size, this is the preferred size for practically all horses.

Feed Storage

You will want to allow storage for at least a week’s worth of grain, as well as about a day’s worth of hay. The rest of your supply should be stored in a building that’s located between 200 and 400 yards away from the barn. This is because not only can this cause issues with your insurance company, but it can also put your animals at risk due to fire.

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