One of the most popular activities during the Halloween holiday is to visit a local haunted house. Luckily, instead of venturing out to visit one being hosted by someone else, you can easily create your own for some awesome Halloween fun. It does not take much money and expertise skill to be able to make your haunted house and make your house the most popular activity during the Halloween holiday to visit.

Here are three ways to help you make the perfect haunted house during Halloween.

Establish Blind Corners

One of the biggest factors of a haunted house is that visitors never seem to know about what lurks around the next corner. Creating suspense is key in making an optimal haunted house. As you design a haunted house, you will want to add blind corners either by stacking boxes on top of each other or nailing plywood sheets together in order to help them stand on their own. Whichever method you decide to go with, they should all be painted black.

No Sunlight

If there are windows in the area where you are planning to set up your haunted house, use a water-based latex paint to paint them black. This will make your haunted halloween house more dramatic and effective for the spookiness of the Halloween season. Once Halloween is over, simply use a razor to remove the paint.

Hang Spooky Decorations

Utilize decorations such as ghosts, witches, and other monsters by hanging them from the ceiling, ensuring that all decorations are held securely in place. To give things a more authentic feel, consider hanging everything using fishing line, which is invisible in the dark and can hold a great deal of weight.

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