Texas barndominiums are typically described as buildings that are open and rustic and are thought to have been originated by horsemen in the state who didn’t want to go outside to check on all of their animals. This kind of building is a combination of a house and a horse barn/shop, all of which are connected to each other. Nowadays, these buildings are used as custom homes with floor plans that are large and open, which can use any type of aesthetics in order to achieve the look that the homeowner is looking for. Barndominiums for sale in Texas is becoming a popular search, and there’s good reason for that.

Structural Options

  • Foundations: This is the same as a typical customized house in the southwest area of the country, which generally contain footers that line all load bearing walls. A foundation can consist of a crawlspace, slab, or basement.
  • Framing Components: Depending on the specific end result that the homeowner wants, this building can be framed in many different ways. The most typical method is 2×4 or 2×6 studs 16” OC with 3/8 plywood; however, if large roof spans and high ceilings are desired, it would be best to use red iron framing with either wood or metal.
  • Roofing: Simply put, any type of roofing material can be used for a Texas Barndominium.
  • Exterior Options: Regardless of the look that is desired, any type of exterior option can be used for this building; however, the most common options include stone, painted metal, brick, and vinyl siding.
  • Insulation: You can use standard insulation for a Texas Barndominium; however, each building typically comes with spray foam insulation. The biggest benefit of this is energy efficiency, as well as being able to resist the most extreme temperatures without having to worry about high electricity bills.
  • Interior Walls: This is what will determine the overall feel of the home itself. Generally, painted drywall can be used with different textures, and accent walls can be covered with materials such as laminate, tile, stone, and much more.

Other benefits of a Texas Barndominium home include the following:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Lower construction time
  • Less insurance due to a reduction in fire hazards
  • Lower construction costs

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